Friday, February 1, 2013

Teaching Thinking

"I'm not here to tell you whether your answer is right or wrong. I'm here to make sure you apply the thinking tools correctly in the process"

A teacher's obligation is to teach in order to educate but my lesson was to teach them ways to think, not  to impose my thoughts onto them. They need guidance, yes but we need to be open of their ideas. Gradually, with the right tools, they'll be exposed to more than enough information needed to make a conclusion on their own.  In time, it will get better. That, is education to me.

"We can talk about our experiences and our lives all we want but that won't persuade others to see why they would want to experience and live and see things the way we do. " - RZ

I  have quite a few circumstances like this:

" Should I submit the homework to you, miss? "
" You submit them, I will mark"
" So should I submit them, miss?"
"It's up to you. If you submit them, I will mark"

Where goes the thinking part? These kids need to be taught self-control, and independent way of thinking.  What "cream of the creams" are we producing if these creams are just soft, light, and high in calories but has no nutrition whatsoever? Forever be under instruction and construction of other people.  

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