Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Call called Home

Home is where the heart is. I believe that, although I have slightly different ideas of where my Home is. Home is not necessarily my house in my hometown. Home is a pleasant feeling I have towards certain people in my life that made me feel so important and alive. It's a place in certain someone's heart where I can simply be myself - where I can express my ideas freely, laugh freely, and love truly - without fear of being judged.  Not that they don't judge, but they accept me for whoever I am.

Just like any home, we could have a condo or bungalow or a cottage which offers certain luxury and limitation. It'll depend on how close and comfortable I am to them. Only I know what kind of home they made me feel but as long as it is home, it always means something to me. Even a call, could make me feel like "home" .


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