Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Once in a lifetime.. snow

It's winter.
It's cold.
It might snow.
It already rained.
Pouring, inside out.
It's never easy.
24 July at 22:00 
It snows . . as hoped, and expected.
25 July at 13:36 
It snows again.
And it melts.
But still feel as cold.
Ah. .
Snow snow let it snow
It's paradise. In limbo.
14 August at 18:02  
It's snowing
Not the usual snow
It's once in a lifetime snow
In my eyes
Every time I see the snow
..I see you
I see us
It's surreal
It's once in a lifetime

To the wind that blows the hails
To the snow storm that clouds the sky
I whisper my prayers to you
Hoping you are well and healthy
16 August at 22:18   
Wellington city

Snow steps