Friday, June 10, 2011

What Does It Mean to Love?

What does it mean to love?
If I can't be there for you
Through your desperate and happy times
To share your bad day as well as the good ones.

What does it mean to love?
To see my loved ones hurt each other
Thus cause me pain
For I can't be of any aid.

What does it mean to love?
If I have to hide it
For the sake of pride and remorse
Where honesty is questioned
and sincerity is tested.

What does it mean to love?
If I fear to let go
Yet I blocked my hearts
Good enough to be knocked
but well-sealed with a golden lock

[Republished. And now I don't even remember when I wrote it]


sahel akmal said...


heya, some of ur posts are puisi regarding "love", "heart" etc.

Still x reti wat puisi. Epic fail kot.

mimiqt said...

The greatest artwork is about pain, after all. Hence why it's the easiest piece of work I can draw out. A better way to relinquish suffering from one's baffling mind.. To be honest, it's just my way of summarizing facts. Sebab malas tulis banyak-banyak. haha. check paragraph 3

Surely at times, I do write them for fun. Nothing personal.

As per the poem above, each stanza reflects different "loved" ones I'm dealing with. :) Wp actually dah lupa sikit2 dah which stanza meant for whom. lama sangat simpan. :P

mimiqt said...

and thanks for dropping by. Ingatkan blog ni dah mati takde pengunjung dah. hahahah