Thursday, June 23, 2011

Small and Big

There's a big task
There's a smaller task
While the small admires the big above
Some smaller envy people would small the big
And claim the big one does all the talk
While the small one does all the job, and indeed is bigger!
Also some big ones belittle the small ones below
Think all too high and stop caring much
Which indeed make them smaller!

It is not about the size, it is the dedication
It is not about relativity, it is the respect
It is not about the pride, it is the compassion
It is not about the brag , it is the acknowledgment
Whatever task it is, do it well.
Be critical, but not full time critics!

11.05 pm
Victoria University of Wellington

This photo is not mine
- Just my "petty" feelings about all the political rally in the world. Why? Ask me in person.

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sahel akmal said...

Seriously, this post has deep meaning and apt with the political rally.

I wanna hear your opinion about the 9th July rally. I'm looking forward for this. :)