Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The result and few other things

First, count the hot air balloons:

5? Correct!  That's exactly the rank I got in The New Zealand Student of The Year competition.
I didn't manage to get the first place and win the said Award. Yet, I believe I had a fun time asking supports from friends, families. Being in the top 10 was an accomplishment, getting as much as 200++ supports and made new friends along the way were also an accomplishment. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for your supports.

I will still receive the certificate for being nominated. Alhamdulillah.. :)

My friend says :A silent victory is sweetest when shared -- intimately. (RZ)

But I would at least leak some of the happiness, not to brag but just as a motivation to myself ;) :

I hope we could be friends and support each other even more^^
You are still my model of the best Malaysian student in Victoria, thank you very much for all the inspiration and motivation you gave me, how powerful a speech could be! (Ang Ching Ting, 2011 - Winner of New Zealand Student of the Year Award")

Congratulations Ching Ting. I'm proud of you, too :)

Now, the other things. Here are the snippets:


I had 3 hrs not so quality sleep in the hons room on Sunday night. It was freezing although I put on a heater. (Thanks Ayu for the heater)

In the morning apparently there was only me in the 9am class (the two students only class) so yeah, I had to open my eyes. 

Nevertheless, in my other class I managed to quietly sat on the floor and slept for few minutes during the lecture. The lecturer must have felt weird because I asked him something at the beginning of the class and then I disappeared. And I was there towards the end of the class. lol. 

In my last class yesterday I left my phone accidentally and had to retrieve it from the campus security afterwards. 

Random much?


I've been invited to have a lunch at Marae today by the Chair of Malay Studies in Victoria University. 
A free Maori lunch! Yay. 

And then work at Kiwiholidays. Back into being an office girl for awhile today, it seems. May the $$ pour *pur pur* (I've been quite poor lately :P) oh that rhymes pour pur pur poor.  lol.

Don't let me start talking about my workloads. It won't end.

Above all, I hope nothing random (catastrophic) happens today. ;)

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