Friday, April 22, 2011

Vote for me, will you?

Only if you think I deserve it.. :)
As of yesterday, I've been nominated as the top 10 finalist for New Zealand International Student of The Year. Show your support if you think I,as a fellow MALAYSIAN. deserve the honour. 
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I need the vote of Likes amongst you, crucially to win.You have my approval if you wish to promote my page in any way..
(Don't worry about not being physically in New Zealand. Kat ceruk mana dunia pun kalau tekan like tu fb baca >.<. Plus, memang digalakkan family and friends back home(or not) mengundi) ) 
So, bantulah saya please.
Thank you very much!!

That was pretty much what I've written to people, demanding their supports. Hmm. Just who am I to owe them much "Likes"?

Just like other nominees I shared the answer why I deserve to win.

I have graduated in my BSC Mathematics last December and currently studying for my BSc Hons (Mathematics). Other than my academic achievement, I have also participated in a lot of extra-curricular activities, namely:

1)Cultural Forums (2010-2011): I have participated as panelists in few forums on cultural integration organized by Victoria International and MSC (Malaysian Student Council). 

2) UN Youth Aotearoa New Zealand (2008-2011) - As member of UNYANZ, I participated as delegate in Model Asean Regional Forum 2010 as well as became the conference assistant (twice), and logistics coordinator (once). 

3) VUW Swords Club (2010-2011) - Executive members of the fencing club. I learnt the martial art that is completely new to me and help around with organizing competitions.

 4) Wellington UMNO Club (2008,2009,2011) - Secretary for one of the Malaysian club in Wellington. 

5) Homework Club (2009-2010)- The club runs by Wellington Somali Council (NGO) to facilitate helps for refugee background high-school students. I volunteered as a tutor there. 

6) Campus Coaches (2010) - guide and help new students for a smoother transition in campus and monitor their needs during their first month at uni. 

7) Muslim Students of VUW Club (2009) - As the Cultural Council Representatives, I was responsible to connect Muslim students at university, regardless of our cultural backgrounds.

Other experiences:

I have also worked as a fruit packer in Roxburgh, Central Otago and lived with wonderful kiwis over there for about 1 and half month.

I am also blessed to have an adopted kiwi family which is very loving and caring towards me. 

Of course, there are many other experiences that I cannot possibly list them in details here. I cherish my cultural experience in New Zealand very much. Getting involved with the Kiwi to me doesn't only mean to get to know the Maori or Pakeha but also about learning the "Kiwi culture" , namely the lifestyle of Kiwi that is much tolerant and compassionate to others, including the international person (like me), the refugees, and the people from different faith(namely the New Zealanders attitude towards Muslims).

However, unlike others who beautifully enchanted people with their words and wonderful experiences I made a list with some brief (as you can see, really-really brief) description of what I did in the past 3 years and what I continue doing now.

Even those, can't possibly summed up the wonderful experience I've had in New Zealand. Frankly speaking, the list may cover 65% of what I did so far. In retrospect, no matter how much they are, the significant of each of project is very little. By little here I mean the focus group is max about 200 people only. I've got nothing at the global event, or anything Mega or of utmost important of Human race.

I don't have much ideals written, of how I view the world and how I wish it may turn into better place. Checking out the all the nominees gives me a shiver. I'm not as great as they are. Especially in terms of academic. I'm still struggling. I do not top anything, to be honest.  I haven't gained mastery of anything. I'm just a simple me, continuously struggling to survive.  i.e I'm not really an excellent scholars with many awards nor am I any better than them at those extra co-curricular activities.

Now that I'm in the honours program, I missed those active life even more. Having meetings almost every day, having social events almost every week. Not to forget how I've got to run errands till I run out of My OWN money, and all the stresses that involved. etc. They may not as big as I mentioned above, but I know I've learnt a lot from those little things. I owe my life much from the countless mistakes I made, and the support of my friends.

All in all, I'm glad that I did my best back then so that I won't have anything to regret for later.But now,  somehow I have to confine myself in the office and deal with excruciating workloads everyday.

Whether my life is actually well-balanced or not, who knows? It may not be at the moment, but I hope in the end all the hard work pays off. And the question whether I'm good enough to win? Who knows?

Utmost importance now: Please pray I will pass this honours program.  It's all I need for now.
in Graduate Room with fellow Honours mate