Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Acknowledgement to the Heart. (Part II)

How could you become a support
If you ain't sure , ain't have a clue
whether you have the much needed consolation
For all you know, wrong choice of aids
May hurt someone's pride more than the wound itself

How could you be of help
If the misery is well-hidden
So deep, so dark you 'd let it pass
If it hadn't for the slightest torch;clue.

More importantly, how could you be so sure
That you can be of assistance
That you're even worth listening to
Surely Words, and everlasting ways
To mend a broken heart
Could as well break it further
Through false hope
A treason to life itself..

Probably a pat in the back is better than a sorry.
A silent prayer might be better than any solace.
Sounds like nothing much you can do, right?
So true.
To me, at least.

I'm never good at praising.
Nor am I any better at soothing.
My empathy has it's limit
To a point I can't possibly do anything strengthening.
I may only try
To that, I'm sorry.

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