Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Acknowledgement to the Heart.

Whenever something unpleasant happens;

People say:
Don't take things for granted.
Look at the bright side.
Better things await.

Sometimes what we need is not the rationale behind things.
Everybody can think.
Wise words might help.
But just how far words and rationale sank into our emotions?
We need more appreciation to how we feels.
Not to solve anything.
Just to feel.

So Cry. Shout. Laugh.
Our hearts deserve some acknowledgement.


ARC™ said...

lagu emo haha. dlu aku dgr la lagu2 within temptation

mimiqt said...

perfect song bila emo kann? haha. dulu2 aku layan evanescence, rasmus, epica, nightwish.. dll. byk gakla lagu gothic aku layan dulu. pastu tinggal. skarang nih je baru nak layan balik. within temptation bleh tahan cam best. haha.