Saturday, June 12, 2010

FIFA 2010 Kick-Off Review by Mimi Si Kaki Bangku

June 12th marked the beginning of FIFA World Cup 2010. And tonight, I'm going to give you a brief review of what my housemate, Carrie and I observed during the kick-off match between Mexico and South Africa just now.

Here are the highlighted players and the short comments on how they behave or look throughout the match:


3 – A player with the face of a domestic abuser. *Muka garang. Takut takut >.<*

4 – Marquez. A cute player. In the second half of the game he scored a goal then sucked his thumb like a baby just before no. 17 hugged him from the back. *Huh? Kenapa perlu hisap jari?*

9 – Carrie's favourite .He looked scary when he missed the ball but he seemed to improve over time. *Here's Carrie's response - I want number nine!*

11- C.Vella. A cute player. Mine. *lol* Too bad he did an off-side in the first half and was substituted in the whole 2nd half. I wish to see him perform even more.

12 – Another cute guy that Carrie likes. *When I asked why she favourited number nine then she said oh, nak like both number 9 and 12 lah. Dua dua cute*

17 – Santos. “Budak kecik” in our term but he wasn't bad at all. The opposition seemed to mark him a lot since he's a little aggressive. The first yellow card receiver in FIFA 2010 history!.

Goalkeeper – He looked pretty relax during the first half since the South African didn't attack so much but once on the second half he freaked out like someone shocked with a stun gun. *Gaya sangat gelabah okey* . That was a near miss goal anyway.

South Africa

I cannot distinguish the players except the team icon, Pienaar. For some obvious reason. *Hehe..*
All of them have the rugged appearance. Even stronger than the opposition. *this is a compliment by the way*

The other part of the game that we liked was the Slow Motion part, be it a replay or merely a glimpse of the players. On several occasions Carrie and I laughed at something like these:

a) The slow motion on one of the front benchers (possibly a coach or a manager) showed his Very Wide Mouth out of frustration over a missed goal. I was awed. *besarnya mulut die*

b)The slow motion on one of the screaming player made him look like a fish. In Carrie's word , “MPK(Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan) fish”

Overall of the game was not too bad . We had quite a fair result especially as a kick-off (1-1).Carrie and I especially admire the kick of no.4,Marquez because it looked better than the plain goal of South Africa. And yes, your hypothesis is true → We supported Mexico because they have cute guys :P albeit I did feel like rooting for the host team. But they were just too defensive.

I apologize for any disappointment over the review and especially for the slow motion part, I want to clearly state that we did not purposely try to laugh or offend anyone. It was instantaneous and I took it as a spice of our celebrated FIFA 2010.

You may also feel this review is not helpful or insightful at all but thank you for reading anyway. You've helped me to go through another sleepless night . i.e I tried to sleep earlier but my mind couldn't stop narrating this review and after 1 hour, I gave up sleeping. 


Anonymous said...

salam mimi,

wah mimi minat bola rupanya! mimi masih ingat saya? rindu dekat mimi! amacam kelas hari ahad dekat masjid? dah ada partner kelas yang baru? huhu

mimiqt said...

Salaam dyana. of course ingat dyana lagiii.. rindu gile tau kat korang..

saya takde geng dah pi masjid. Housemates saya dua orang non-muslims. tiap2 ahad pegi church. sweet kan kitorang ;)tapi saya takde genglaaa.. pernah juga cuba mengajak kawan-kawan lain. tapi biasalah, ahad nak rehat.. takpun busy. Tambahan lagi semakin ramai yang sudah terlibat dengan usrah sendirian berhad. Mungkin itu yang lebih baik buat mereka, considering masa dan kos yang terbabit :)

Kelas berlangsung seperti biasa. Muka yang hadir every week pun muka yang sama. Cuma ahad baru ni nanette and kak dijah tak hadir. tak tahu kenapa.

simo jemput saya pegi rumah dia bila-bila. dia kata "Don't you miss ikram?" huwaaa.. nak pegi nak pegi. nak pegi dgn Koranggggg. T.T

oh minat saya pada bola sangat seasonal. haha. lepas world cup ni memang da takkan layan kot. haha.