Sunday, May 30, 2010

What Literacy Has Meant For Me II


Honesty is claimed as the best policy.
Yet it may also repel others
once truth has come to light.

It is the only act of kindness
with its own counterbalance:
potentially calming and calamitous at once.

While sincerity is always questionable,
honesty should justify everything.
So honesty, please stay with me.

peace (^_^)~V

2.10am 29th May 2010
Victoria University of Wellington

Written by: Shamimi Shamsuddin
Edited by: Rafie Zuhaili

I feel like a writer. It's not everyday someone actually comes and proofreads your writing. I remember several friends who proofread my academic essays previously. My tons of thanks to Aiman, Fauzi, Chouji, Asyer (ok. semua lelaki no wonder William told me I'm a 'kaki lelaki' .oops. wth. he simply meant i have a good social skills ;P) . Without them, who knows how I'd passed my writing papers with my limited skills. After all, I'm a Math students who loves numbers but currently seems to almost forget how they look like. A bit of identity conflict there. ;P Writing is just a passion derives from my love for reading. 

My mum works in a Book Cooperative. I was surrounded by books even before I was born. And I remember well how I played between those bookshelves with a childhood friend of mine, Boy. I honestly don't know his real name. lol. (oh, another boy? lol). My mum brought home Dewan Pelajar every month when I was in primary school and my dad used to read story books to me, particularly fairy tales. Mimi Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I could still remember that. I was well aware the main character's name was not Mimi to begin with but I knew that was his way to make me like the story and thus, built up the reading habit.And my brother introduced me to Comics. (I am still a big fan of comics ;P). I used to become a Library prefect, and even work part-time with my mum since I was 15. In short, I love books :)

But to write a book, or a long long story is a hard work. I'm a lazy bum. Hence, whenever I feel like there are so many things to tell, and so little word that I could put into writing, it'll turn out to be a poem. And my poems could explain things better than my usual writing. It is concise yet very precise. It is subtle but it's still decodable. oh i'm a Math student, still. I love symbols. 

My short poem up there was edited by my not so new friend who has been generously edited it without my permission but perfectly put my gist to the lines without losing its originality. ;) Thank you very much. I can't thank you much enough of how you boosted my vocabulary by making me check the dictionary whenever I read your writing.  (This is a compliment by the way. :p). Thanks again. 


hafiz CHouJi said...

Salam, Mimi.

Ah, it has been sometimes since I last read from your blog. The last time I wanted to comment but I had technical difficulties (no thanks to Celcom) and I gave up after third try.

Firstly, it really was my pleasure to be a proofreader for your essays back then. They say, to teach is to learn twice. :')

Secondly, I really like this entry. For once, I think this is one of your best entries so far (this is meant as compliment, not to offend okay?).

For me, "writing empties the mind yet it fills the heart", as quoted from Paulo Coelho. I think you get what this means, no?

Anyway, it's good to hear that you have found other good companions there. Life is never easy, dear friend. But with good companion(s), it can be less difficult and worthwhile. All the best for your remaining academic years in Vic!

-p/s: That picture . . . it reminds me of my schooling days. Ouch! Ahaha. :'P

mynameisyuyu said...! ko lupe aku juge tlah proofreadkan sket2 essay ko..surat2 umno pun ko suruh aku xpe je..kalo nk dikategorikan, aku nk dgn lelaki2 hot-ness je..haha..

p/s: i love comics too! :)

mimiqt said...

First of all. Thanks for reading.

And before going to the literacy or life subject, i'd love to comment on yuyu's statement first:

Oh Yuyu teman sejati dunia akhirat yang slalu buat aku kenyang dan heppy. usah berduka lara sebab aku tak mention nama ko kat sini.

To be honest macam ramai lagi aku nak letak tapi bab proofread email umno atau bahan2 lain memang tak tertulis. sbb kalo camtu aku kena mention haz, shaz,yusuf,hazel dan segala komiti umno yang ada. dan contribution mereka sangat besar kepada pembinaan karakter dan leadership skills aku. more than just a writing skill.aduiii..

Ampunnnn... aku tau ko banyak tolong aku dulu. tapi yang esei tu.. esei yang mana ek? psyc ke? ahaha. sorry sorry yuyuuu... wuwuwu. aku teringat kat ko. tapi aku cume teringat part ko proofread esei mamat je. ooh..apakah punishment yg layak buatku. oohh.. *dramatik gila*

Ape apepun, terima kasih sangat sangat yuyuuu......... <3

To Chouji:

I am indeed agree with Paulo Coelho and of course, you.

I could still remember how we'd exchange our poems to evaluate our writings and check on our improvements. Good times good times. It fills the heart really well:)

Like I mentioned in your blog before, it is different without the same people around, but I do appreciate every single friends that come along. Regardless whether they're close to me, or a thousand miles apart from me. And be it for a reason, for a season or a lifetime.

All the best in your practicum soon. Your holiday will surely be Over. soon. very soon. lol =p