Friday, April 2, 2010


I’m finally done with the clubs and any management responsibilities.

As at 1st April 2010, I’m free like a bird. Spreading my wings and fly to a new horizon. Focusing more on my academics as my academic is NOT at its best yet and I direfully need to improve my grades and performances.

For now, it may be good to recap what I had earlier this year.

As in January, I was away in South Island doing some fruit-packing at Clutha Packing Centre, Roxburgh, Central Otago. Working mostly 10 hours per day was tiring though sometimes I demanded even more work. My materialist eyes couldn’t escape the temptation of money regardless how strained my muscle was.I packed cherries and apricots. I love the foods and the people but hell it’s tiring now that i don’t feel like working like that again. As per the experience, it’s good enough and it’s Really Enough. lol. Though I'd surely miss the moments I had with my friends and my bosses there.

I had good times traveling to Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown as well. The warm South Islanders greeted me and took me around. It was my first time going to South and it was indeed a beautiful memory.In short, South Islanders Rock!

Those valuable experiences I included also in a cultural adjustment interview workshop during the International Student Orientation handled by Vic Internationals in February. I talked in front of about 200 new international students about challenges and what they could possibly experience in New Zealand later on.

End of February marked my first experience becoming the Campus Coach for 2010 new Victoria University students. It was a 5 weeks program including the training week. I was trained to assist new students for a smoother transition in university alongside another 100+ other campus coaches. This year alone, we’ve coached more than 900 students which is an increasing number of around 200 students compared to last year. I’m glad to be part of the program so far and thanks to it, I made a lot of new friends as well. Getting good feedback from the students and the coordinator reminded me of how I became the facilitator  in high school ages ago.(man, i feel old. lol)

To be honest, dealing with new students is not really a new thing for me. But,dealing with new students who came entirely from different culture as I am was really new to me. I was quite anxious of their acceptance to me and how well they'd understand the message that I tried to convey. I couldn't sleep well 2 days prior to my first meeting with all of the scary thoughts that I might not be able to get any students at all. However, it turned out that I had 9 students under my care and in our last meeting some of us had an awesome time at Kaffe Eis eating ice cream.

On 31st March 2010, I organized the Central North Island Model United Nations in Palmerston North. Alongside with my professional teammates, we even made it to the news! As the least experienced person in MUN, I was given the post of Logistics Coordinator. It’s a high post with huge responsibilities. Nonetheless, it’s my first time handling logistics so I screwed a lot. You hear me, A LOT.  But the event turned out very well thanks to my Event Coordinator Alex Sinclair and Wellington UNYANZ President Scott Summerfield. Not to forget my fellow Conference Assistants that woke up and get set to go to Palmey by 6 o'clock in the morning! Priceless.

Previously, I was engrossed in secretarial and managerial roles that I tend to pay the least attention to logistics as I’d just leave the responsibilities to the logistics officer. And if I were to handle any logistics I would be the one handling the money, at hands. CNIMUN was a big difference to me as I have to do the budgeting without the money at hands and make few bookings . Adapting to a new working culture is also another thing. There were so much to learn about! The style, the food and the manners.  I would say this might be my biggest event so far but with me giving the lesser contributions.  I’m glad to be in such a committed and professional team but I’m not fully satisfied with my role-playing this time.  Simply said, it was hell a big challenge for me and to be honest, I was not at my best. Oh am I selling myself short this time?

Nonetheless, I thank Allah for giving me great opportunities to experience all these sorts of things while I’m in New Zealand and I won’t stop thanking Him for all the stress and responsibilities that He’ve trusted upon me. It was all worth it. Be it good or bad, they were all for something.

A friend of mine reminded me that “everything has its time and place”.

Bad things would happen at the our unexpected point in our life but in the end, it was meant to happen. We need to learn from the mistakes and put our best effort not to let it happen again.

Easier said than done Mimi??  Sure thing.

May the Force be with us.