Monday, November 30, 2009

Several Invitations

"Salaam mimi. Just remember that u are my waitress tomorrow. Lol. hahaha" (Sadia Jimale, 28/11)

I went to my Somalian friend, Sadia's house today. She threw a sort of a farewell party for our friends. I came as early as 2.30pm to mess help out. The foods were delicious, masyaAllah. Thank you very much Sadia. The guests arrived around 4.15pm and we dined as early as 5.30pm! i was just hungry, so believe me i felt no shame eating dinner at that hour and later re-dined at 11pm. LOL. Thank you Nad Fackeer, Nisrin, Fathen, Sarah, Diana, Zaira, Nad, and Hanisah for being our guests this afternoon. Not to forget, thank you Aisyah for coming "fashionably late" and dined with me again after Sadia, I , Mumtaz and Naseeb love you guys so much. So much that we couldn't bear the fact that you guys are leaving us for good soon. *sob sob sob :'(*

Actually, I have 5 other invitations this evening. All were at around 7pm. But I didn't go to any of them. Instead, i stayed in Sadia's house afterward and just recently got home. Thanks Ish for the ride.

I'm sorry girls (the tesl girls, u know who you're), for not being able to join you guys to visit K.Dija and Nanette although I've enthusiastically shown my interest to join you guys last Sunday.

I'm sorry Dirah, for not coming to your late father's small kenduri today, although it's actually happening right in my house.

I'm sorry Neddy, for not being there to taste your delicious tiramisu with the rest of your guests. I hope my 2/3rd trifle served you guys well.

I'm sorry Razif, for not making time to enjoy bubble tea with you and the gang, although i'm the one who complain almost everyday that i feel "neglected" in some sort of way.

I'm sorry K.Meme, for not going to your house. There was a slight miscommunication about the invitation, really. But i'm glad to know that you actually remember me.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you so much . Your thought is the drum of my heartbeat (i've just happily created my own

May Allah grant you happiness and success in your life. Ameen.

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