Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just too many.

Oh my God.. there are just so many things I have in my mind today.

So many things to say
So many things to do
So little time I had
So much things I would've missed
If I don't "make" time

So where should I start?
should I write chronologically, or according to topic?
Should I be arranged or should I just rant?
I have so many ideas to be explained
so many voices to be heard
Yet seems like I ended up with much more questions.

What's a mystery should be unfolded
What's forgotten should be reminded
What's ignored should be exposed
What's honored should be respected
What's questioned should be answered
Rhetorically, at least

Okay.. now it turns out to be a poem although it wasn't my initial intention. Please pardon the grammatical errors. ;P Perhaps I'll write another thoughtful entry...I wish.