Monday, September 28, 2009

I need your help

I Need Your Help Lyrics

Allah Allah Allah Allah
I need your help to feel alive
I’m feeling weak and I’ve no strength to fight
I’m feeling weak and I’ve no strength to speak
The truth that is within me

Allah I need your help
Allah I believe in you
Allah forgive me and bless me with your mercy
Allah Allah Allah Allah

I’m feeling cold with the sky so grey
I need someone who will show me the way [Show me the way]
I’m feeling light and I need to pray
Because I know Islam is here to stay

Allah I need your help
Allah I believe in you
Allah forgive me and bless me with your mercy
Allah Allah Allah Allah

Ahmad Hussain:
I’m drowning in the sea so deep
I need someone who will set me free
You sent us a guide that was full of light
And now that he’s gone I feel the need to cry

Allah I need your help
Allah I believe in you
Allah forgive me and bless me with your mercy
Allah Allah Allah Allah
Allah Allah Allah Allah [Show me the way]
I need your help.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Art of Volunteering

Today i went to the National Day Celebration in Johnsonville again (twice now including this year). Same organizer (NZMS) but the event was better organized compared to last year. Even the “volunteers” were very well-managed. That's us. The Umno committee, apparently. :)

The word "volunteers" clings to my mind so frequently this year. The truth is, I'm responsible for finding volunteers, on various occasions apart from being a volunteer myself. Some volunteers are so easy to catch especially if there’s a good offer comes with the job. Surely, there will be time when it becomes a hassle to find manpower sometimes. Honestly speaking, it depends on what their helps are needed for.

Volunteers are just like a biscuit. Sometimes they are there and sometimes they just disappeared. “puff!” That is why even volunteers need to be managed. Not that I practice autocratic or anything, but it’s just a way to make sure that their participation is consistent with the demand of help. Easier said than done. I failed numerous times and sacrifice my own time instead. and that’s when the true challenge of “volunteering” comes.

Definition of Voluntary: Of your own free will or design; done by choice; not forced or compelled

Simply said, volunteer is a person who performs the voluntary work. The key word is, Free Will. I’ve met so many people with this free will of helping out with whatever they can , whenever they could, and wherever they are needed. Sometimes, they came without even requested. They offer themselves at many unexpected point in my life. when i truly need someone and couldn’t even mouth the word “help”. I truly admire them from the bottom of my heart. I called these people “On The Spot Volunteer”.

The “One-off volunteer” is usually needed only for certain events. It may not take a long time. Probably just a day or two but it certainly requires commitments. This kind of volunteer is quite hard to get, normally due to time constraints and the degree of commitments required. But if I could gather these highly committed people, they are actually the best. They respond very well to instructions and cooperate very well with each other. On top of it, they will try to enjoy themselves on that particular events. (For this kind of volunteers, I think sometimes I violate my role in certain clubs and actually “kindly ask” people to help because they are usually the best people that I could rely on, because of the short time given to find volunteers)

“The long time volunteers” is usually needed to perform certain voluntary work for a long period of time. Any social work included (tutoring, caregiving, babysitting etc). These works are usually very attractive but again requires highly committed people because the works are mostly time consuming and requires regular visits. It needs dedications, passion and patience to cope with the challenges. Over time, there will be many people falling out from the “free will” and leaves. It depends on our heart. Perhaps our hearts are getting bored of the same routine of our services. But it could be that the services change our hearts and made us more attached to what we’re doing. It is how our hearts and minds decide whether what we’re doing is highly rewarding to ourselves or not.

To continue volunteering, or just quit?

To offer helps, or just sit down watching?

To become someone useful, or to be used?

To be a noble, or simply a babbler?

To enjoy life, or to give life?

Surely we cannot do everything, especially on our own. But isn’t it wonderful to do “something” at least?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just too many.

Oh my God.. there are just so many things I have in my mind today.

So many things to say
So many things to do
So little time I had
So much things I would've missed
If I don't "make" time

So where should I start?
should I write chronologically, or according to topic?
Should I be arranged or should I just rant?
I have so many ideas to be explained
so many voices to be heard
Yet seems like I ended up with much more questions.

What's a mystery should be unfolded
What's forgotten should be reminded
What's ignored should be exposed
What's honored should be respected
What's questioned should be answered
Rhetorically, at least

Okay.. now it turns out to be a poem although it wasn't my initial intention. Please pardon the grammatical errors. ;P Perhaps I'll write another thoughtful entry...I wish.