Monday, July 13, 2009


Def: Leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure

err.. i wonder if i really have holidays this winter. Yet, i reckon it's the best time of the year so far.

My friends from Auckland spent three or four of their awesome holidays in Wellington while I was struggling for exams. I regret that i couldn't do much with them but I'm also grateful that they were here when I finished my last excruciating paper of Calculus. It was a seriously hard paper for me that I expected none other than E. Yet the presence of my friends soothed my frustration a little bit as I spent every possible time left with them.

Shortly after, I went to Palmerston North a.k.a Palmey to organize Pertandingan Bahas Umno NZ- Chair of Malay Studies which was concurrently held during the Bersatu Games tournament. It was the second debate I organized, following the yesteryear succesful event. This year event was hard to be accomplished as well, but alhamdulillah the event went well in the end. Quite a number of spectators came and joined the fun. Although the final didn't attract as much as last year, i reckon quite a good number of people turns out that night. Some even rented a car to see the debate! Kudos to everyone who came to watch or work for the debate to happen!

Aside that, watching my friends playing for Bersatu Games was worth my precious time too. I feel satisfied this year because i could join the moment with them, be it good or bad. Last year, when everyone was busy with Bersatu I was away for some other activities. I tried to contribute by helping out during the dinner but it didn't pay off for the loss of Bersatu moments. So this year, it was satisfying enough for me to cheer for my friends although i didn't play along with them. And for the first time of my life, I really enjoy being mere supporter. It's because I envied people with skills and talents.. Usually it always turns out that i ended up managing the event because I just don't have the talent to be like them. But this year, yes and yes. I'm happy being a supporter. A lucky supporter who got the opportunity to dine at the VIP table during Bersatu closing dinner :P.

This winter also allows me to meet a lot of friends,new and old. What a refreshing visit!. Thanks heaps to Palmyans for the best experiences and hospitality offered. Thanks Lutfi, Hafezz, Hafiz,Afnan, Ed,Kak Sha, Kak Yusma, Ain, Zuria, Hana, Fairuz,... sape lagi yer... takut merajuk lak tak sebut name. hehe.

Back in Welly, Emma paid us a visit from UK. wow. i wish i could repay her visit someday. but hmm.. can't really tell when it'll come true or might just be another unaccomplished dream.. I'm happy to have her here and sadly, she has to leave very soon . . :(

Now, new term has begun.

I ended my 2 weeks holiday yesterday and marked the beginning of a fresh trimester 2 in my second year. Gosh.. it's a new chapter already and I'm not really done with the previous chapter.Nonetheless, i have to accept the change and new challenge that i might face this trimester.

This weekend, Mt Ruapehu is calling me for VicMuslim Ski trip event. Only Aisyah and me are the committee that will be on that trip. Hopefully everything would turns out well..

In short, I spent my holidays working out for my clubs and go wherever my clubs want to take me. Holiday ke tuh?? It is for me, at least.. :)