Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crazy? Please reconsider.

I watched this video and was constantly reminded of a mentally sick elderly at Rumah Seri Kenangan, Seremban. I went there during my diploma program to do some social work.

The old folks were placed in three different area. A ward (for the sick), a normal house/hostel (for the healthy) and some sort of asylum (for the mentally sick elderly).

I paid a visit to the healthy folks regularly and organized various programs with them. but what touched my heart the most was when i visited the sick elders. To be honest, we weren't given too much chances to visit them but i suppose one or two visit taught me much valuable lesson, still.
Be it physically or mentally, it was a pain in the eye to see these respectable figures located in the social service care instead of their own child's.

On one fine day, my friends and I visited the mentally sick elderly. We were not allowed to enter their ward but just have a look from the outside and talk to them by the window. It was for the safety purposes also that there were just beds or they were just mattress without the bed. Some of these elderly were known to have the self-destructive behavior that have to be free of potentially harmful furniture.

Given in that poor condition, i saw an Indian nanny who were dancing happily at that time. She spotted us and went by the window to say hi. We hesitated to shake hands with her (too afraid to be forced into the house or harmed) but i did it anyway. Her hand was warm and she looked pretty happy to have us as visitors (about 4 people at that time). Then, she insisted to read my palm. I startled. Islam forbid us to seek people for fate reading at all times. Nonetheless, i reckon that was the only way that could make her happy. So i gave in. (plus, i don't have to believe her.She's a mental, right?)

She told me this :

"Awak.. jangan minum air sejuk. Tak elok utk awak punya badan." (Don't drink cold waters. It's not good for your body) ..

She read again and looked up to me:

Awak.. tak payah fikir pasal laki. Belaja tinggi tinggi dulu..baru fikir. Sekarang jangan. (Don't think about men. Study as high as possibble and think about it later. Not now.)

I was quite surprised when she told me not to drink cold waters. I'm asthmatic and was constantly reminded by my parents not to drink cold waters a lot. But I dare not to believe her. Another friend of mine had her palm read. The result was the same. Fuhh.. then she really couldn't be trusted (why should I anyway? ).

I went home and told my mum. She wasn't mad that I did the palm reading or anything. But she mentioned only one thing:

"Manala tau die ada kepakaran. Org gila pun ada betulnye kadang-kadang .." Who knows if she really understand what she's talking about. Even crazy people is correct sometimes.

Well.. crazy people are not crazy at all times, at least.. But still, it was a palm reading. I shouldn't hold on to it (There was nothing much to hold on to anyway). I did it just for fun and I took what she said as an advice. That's that.

What my mum wanted to tell was not to believe in palm reading or to believe every single person i encounter. She simply asked me to not understimate them. Even if we can't trust people wholefully, do not neglect every single word they say. Judge the word, nor the person.

Although words are bending
But eyes are much deceptive in lots of ways..