Sunday, March 29, 2009

meaning of names..

I stumbled upon these websites to find meaning of names just now.

I checked my family names and below are the results

Shamsuddin (Papa) : Sun of religion

Siti Shamsiyah (Mama) : Beautiful, Shining Star, One and only

Shamsul Kamal (Brother) :Sun of Perfection/completeness.

Salina Marhamah (Sister) : Moon of Forgiveness

Shamimi (Me) : My sweet, light fragrance

Hmm... seems like i'm the only one without the sun , star, or moon here..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Definition of JARGON : Specialized technical terminology characteristic of a particular subject

I'm hell trying to learn the jargon of website management right now. website, webpage, web-hosting, domain, google apps, server ..etc.. etc.

The story is .. Wellington UMNO Club has been put on hold due to some technical problems. and i'm trying to restore the site to its initial state. phew~ i really wish it'll turns out well and i'll learn more of the website management in the end.

and there's more ..

a lot more issues arose for the Vicmuslim BBQ event.. again. i hope everything would turns out well and i'd be extremely full (of food) by the end of the event.

and my math course - only God knows how LOST I am. i'm finding my track and keep loosing it somehow. oww.. i just can't believe that my ultimate priority become like this.. i need to work harder.

and there goes the fever, which knocked me 2 days out of my sense and sensibility.

kisah komputer rosak 2 weeks ago tak payah ceritalah. buat koleksi kisah malang mac 2009 jek.

to all who read this.. this is not a complaint. merely a thought of what's in my head right now.

unsettled .. damn unsettled.. Busy? That's what my life is all about. I'm definitely a busy bee..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

anthropology and mathematics, probably?

yes, i'm taking those for this trimester.

anth is just my elective subject but it is always a course that i find interesting. ever since i were young, i've been attracted to cultures and society. tradition, culture and religion always intermingles with each other. whenever something bad happens, often people would blame one of those - any reason that suits their way of thinking i suppose. it's actually important to draw the lines between those and yeah, i guess i'll take this opportunity to study it at uni.

on the other hands, math is always my top priority and i will definitely go insane because of it. i wouldn't mind (or that's what i thought??,). and i also hope that my choice is correct to take probability this trimester, probably (??)