Friday, February 27, 2009

snippets of the day.

Love >> another entry

Loving is a good thing. Love is a wonderful feelings. That's what I believe, at least. The complexity lies in the relationship and the commitment from both parties. But not from the feelings.

Love is like a Tree. It has branches that channels our loves into separate branches. The amount may not be same for every branch but the essence is there. The roots of feelings grow every minute and do not wither until the time comes (menolak kemungkinan hadirnya pembalak haram). Therefore, i believe that if we love someone, we should forever love them but never forget to let ourselves grow another branch when the opportunity comes. The feelings may come and go but yet, be it love. Do not meddle anger or gloomy feelings into the stems of love that is gracefully given by God.

in a simpler word: if you love anyone and it didn't work out, do not hate the person. but love the person and pray for his/happiness. At the meantime, just pray that you will find someone you love more than that person.


Effort is the cornerstones of every actions. Be it physically or mentally, effort must be put into these activity that later project the outcomes. But what people usually looks are the outcomes over the efforts. The quality of the outcomes become the subject of analysis, regardless how much time the doers spent time with it. Quality over quantity, say some.

True. it's right to say that we must prioritize the quality of the products (outcomes) rather than the efforts poured into it. Nevertheless, it is probably better as well if we could look back at the efforts.So then we could learn to appreciate some more. Rather than criticizing/ignoring every single things in front of us.

See, looking back isn't a bad thing at all.and sometimes it is necessary.

thank you for reading.