Friday, January 9, 2009


i was trying to change the template of this blog. apparently there's some problem with the settings and as you can see, there annoying UNDEFINE UNDEFINE thingy right before the title of my post. grr...

and yes, i've lost all my previous settings. My reading list, my bloggers list my mixpod songs. everything. haish.

i don't know if i'm stupid or what but yes, i'm definitely annoyed of the complexity of this thing!.

hesssyyy..takleh ke kasi senang2 sket...

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nurul_a said...

mimi...mmg arr..every time ko tukau layout, each time tuh laa sume bende ko ilang...heee kene save awal2 dulu yer..(Not sure laa plak kalo2 de care lain)
aku kes skang plak dah ter abort my java. soh formatting, editting buttons sume dh xde. leh tulis satu jnis mcm jek,,xleh deco2 sket..huhuh kene download baru
nway good Luck! =)