Friday, January 23, 2009

Doctor Vs Pupil

This is not a career talk. Definitely not.
This is just something that i feel i want to share with you out there. and it is about my observation to the subjective thing called L>O>V>E. A bf-gf relationship, that is.

I never had any experience in love, that is to say i've never had a boyfriend. So who am I to talk about this thing? Well, as subjective as it is Love is always something that mingled around my life. I feel the warmth of love from my parents, friends and absolutely God. He created me with such a brain that could think and rationalize what's before my eyes and what i experiences through all my senses. So here it goes...

It has been years since I've gain trust from my friends and families regarding this matter. Some of my close friends opened up to me about their relationships. Even someone in my own family trusted me with his lovelife happenings. But I do not have any obligation to disclose their private matter here.

My father reminded me that everything that happens are upon Allah's will. Be it good or bad. We need to cherish them or accept that as a challenge. Meeting people or breaking up with them is also upon Allah's will. We seriously need to accept it and face our destiny ahead. Detach with them if we must or maintain a good relationship with them, if we could. There is no need to investigate through the ex private matters and ruin their relationship. because no matter how obsess we are with them, they might just go away forever. Even worse, if we're already with them(non-ex.still in a relationship) this private detective behavior could be something that just push us away from them. Trust them if we want, walk away if we have to and do not pull the others into the picture.

On the other hand, getting to know people is surely interesting. Especially when we get close to someone that we have a "thing" with. But does that "thing" really turns out the way we want it to be is what matters the most. As the relationship evolves, so does the feeling. If we get what we want in the relationship, it's great. But if we're still not there or it's actually never there perhaps we should take a step.

Take a step behind - to assess what we have and reevaluate our feelings. It is also a chance for the other person stop and look back and see what he/she overlooked.

Take a step ahead - for us to discover our inner potential. To move on with our life without messing up our life with love. If it's actually there, it will reach us no matter how high we are. If we're lucky He/she will chase us. or else, there is something more for us out there.

I'm not a doctor Love, although i've listened and watched tremendous love affairs. And i'm merely a pupil of Love who wish to learn from the experiences of others. I'm just......MIMI lah!

#Artikel ini ada kaitan dengan yang hidup bukan yang mati. Ampun dipinta jika terguris rasa kerana sesungguhnya, saya sudah berusaha men"generalize" kan segala maklumat utk tatapan dan manfaat pembaca. Salam.

Friday, January 9, 2009


i was trying to change the template of this blog. apparently there's some problem with the settings and as you can see, there annoying UNDEFINE UNDEFINE thingy right before the title of my post. grr...

and yes, i've lost all my previous settings. My reading list, my bloggers list my mixpod songs. everything. haish.

i don't know if i'm stupid or what but yes, i'm definitely annoyed of the complexity of this thing!.

hesssyyy..takleh ke kasi senang2 sket...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bye bye 2008 !!

Just what are 2008 and 2009? just numbers. an even and odd numbers, that is.

Ah well. there's no need to beat around the bush. Looking at the numbers themselves would definitely reminds us of the year we've just passed and the year that we're in.

2008 is certainly an even number.
Definition: An even number is an integer which is a multiple of two. If it is divided by two the result is another whole number. Source: Wikipedia
So as the definition goes.. 2008 is divisible by 2. Ups and downs for me, at least.

I have no intention of reminiscing the downs here. Just the good ones ok. So here's the list:

end spring - Summer (November 2007 - February 2008)
  • Arrive in Wellington
  • Botanic garden visit
  • Rugby touch at Frank Kitts Park & Kelburn Park
  • Failed attempt to learn roller-blading
  • Chocolate fish at Karaka bay
  • Vic Uni Graduation
  • LA Galaxy Vs Wellington Phoenix - Beckham played!
  • New year countdown at Civic Square
  • Singstar for the first time at Najah's
  • Find cockle at Oriental bay
  • b'day parties - hell much!
  • dressmart + queensgate on Waitangi
  • Hurricane Vs Reds
Autumn (March - May 2008)
  • Cocktail party with Menteri Pengajian Tinggi at Istana Malaysia
  • Morning tea with KMS seniors
  • Go Kart at Kaiwharawhara
  • Hurricanes Vs Crusaders
  • Asian Food Festival
  • Wellington Model United Nations
  • Play pool at Hotel Bristol
  • Road trip to Rotorua and Auckland! (memorable, indeed)
  • Papa fell ill. i went back to Malaysia and watched him recovers :)
  • got elected as secretary for WUC
Winter (June - August 2008)
  • Exams
  • Hi-tea at Mckenzies
  • Bersatu Games
  • New Zealand Model United Nations
  • Umno Debate
  • Umno Rugby League
  • Palmerston North One Day trip
  • Amazing Welly race
  • Elemental Strike Percussion show
  • Asean Night Market
Spring (September - November 2008)
  • Ramadhan Iftaars - Mckie, msvuw, evertons, manners
  • Sakura Festival at Palmey
  • Wellington Zoo visit
  • Aidilfitri open houses - including Parliament, Marae, WUC & Mckenzies Open house
  • NFFC Farewell Party (Emo)
  • Raja Nazrin's talk
  • Exams
  • Work at kiwiholidays
  • Picnic at Waitangi Park
  • Pizza Night
  • The Dark Night at Sirocco
  • Short visit to Breaker's Bay
  • Farewell to Cohort 3 (is that a good thing? :(( )
  • Ed's visit
  • Summer school commenced
Summer (December 2008)
  • My birthday
  • Christmas dinner at James Cook
  • Christmas celebration at Sandra's, Karori
  • A week visit to Auckland
  • Boxing day
  • New year eve
So that's that. All the bad events have been removed from my memories.ahha! (i wish)
and why am i listing this all down? no great reasons. just for fun. read if u like. close the page if u don't.

i love 2008. and i'll surely miss it.
It's 2009 now and i'm going to make sure that i'll have a blast and blessed year ahead.