Monday, November 30, 2009

Several Invitations

"Salaam mimi. Just remember that u are my waitress tomorrow. Lol. hahaha" (Sadia Jimale, 28/11)

I went to my Somalian friend, Sadia's house today. She threw a sort of a farewell party for our friends. I came as early as 2.30pm to mess help out. The foods were delicious, masyaAllah. Thank you very much Sadia. The guests arrived around 4.15pm and we dined as early as 5.30pm! i was just hungry, so believe me i felt no shame eating dinner at that hour and later re-dined at 11pm. LOL. Thank you Nad Fackeer, Nisrin, Fathen, Sarah, Diana, Zaira, Nad, and Hanisah for being our guests this afternoon. Not to forget, thank you Aisyah for coming "fashionably late" and dined with me again after Sadia, I , Mumtaz and Naseeb love you guys so much. So much that we couldn't bear the fact that you guys are leaving us for good soon. *sob sob sob :'(*

Actually, I have 5 other invitations this evening. All were at around 7pm. But I didn't go to any of them. Instead, i stayed in Sadia's house afterward and just recently got home. Thanks Ish for the ride.

I'm sorry girls (the tesl girls, u know who you're), for not being able to join you guys to visit K.Dija and Nanette although I've enthusiastically shown my interest to join you guys last Sunday.

I'm sorry Dirah, for not coming to your late father's small kenduri today, although it's actually happening right in my house.

I'm sorry Neddy, for not being there to taste your delicious tiramisu with the rest of your guests. I hope my 2/3rd trifle served you guys well.

I'm sorry Razif, for not making time to enjoy bubble tea with you and the gang, although i'm the one who complain almost everyday that i feel "neglected" in some sort of way.

I'm sorry K.Meme, for not going to your house. There was a slight miscommunication about the invitation, really. But i'm glad to know that you actually remember me.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you so much . Your thought is the drum of my heartbeat (i've just happily created my own

May Allah grant you happiness and success in your life. Ameen.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Early Retirement

Congratulations to both new High Committee of Wellington UMNO Club and VicMuslims term 2009/2010.

I, Shamimi Shamsuddin herewith retreat from contesting to be a part of the High Committee (for any club) again.

Hard to be accepted by some, for I might have the values that the clubs want for next year. Oh really? Is that so?

I made tremendous mistakes as well. I lost my subordinate once, who couldn't keep up with my pace. I upset people when I sent wrong emails. I misplaced some important receipts once. I lost my temper easily, when people are not listening. On top of it, I complained a lot. What people see might be that I made tireless efforts to fix things up, most of the time. I clean others 'messes whenever there's a necessity. I covered for others when I'm needed. The truth is, yes I made mistakes too. and I need to apologize.

I'm sorry for all the unintended mishaps that I may have unwittingly done. if-ever and when-ever i was upset with any of you, please know that it had to do with one or two things that you did (or didn't do), or that you said (or didn't say). for me, it was never about you as a whole person. it's all for the sake of the club.Lillahi Ta'ala. i hope the same goes for you. Maaf Zahir Batin.

I wonder for whatever I have done actually deserve as much respect as last night. For I'm afraid, that I don't really deserve such award at the first place.. Having said that, I believe the award actually goes to everyone who has supported me, up to this point. I have to thank people around me who have responded to me and comforted me whenever I need a console for my heart.Without the respect, trust and help of others I wouldn't be the way I am today. Alhamdulillah..

My thanks also goes to the organizer of MNITE who tried to instill the spirit of appreciation into the heart of us, fellow Wellingtonians.
We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.
But the hills that we climbed
were just seasons out of time.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I need your help

I Need Your Help Lyrics

Allah Allah Allah Allah
I need your help to feel alive
I’m feeling weak and I’ve no strength to fight
I’m feeling weak and I’ve no strength to speak
The truth that is within me

Allah I need your help
Allah I believe in you
Allah forgive me and bless me with your mercy
Allah Allah Allah Allah

I’m feeling cold with the sky so grey
I need someone who will show me the way [Show me the way]
I’m feeling light and I need to pray
Because I know Islam is here to stay

Allah I need your help
Allah I believe in you
Allah forgive me and bless me with your mercy
Allah Allah Allah Allah

Ahmad Hussain:
I’m drowning in the sea so deep
I need someone who will set me free
You sent us a guide that was full of light
And now that he’s gone I feel the need to cry

Allah I need your help
Allah I believe in you
Allah forgive me and bless me with your mercy
Allah Allah Allah Allah
Allah Allah Allah Allah [Show me the way]
I need your help.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Art of Volunteering

Today i went to the National Day Celebration in Johnsonville again (twice now including this year). Same organizer (NZMS) but the event was better organized compared to last year. Even the “volunteers” were very well-managed. That's us. The Umno committee, apparently. :)

The word "volunteers" clings to my mind so frequently this year. The truth is, I'm responsible for finding volunteers, on various occasions apart from being a volunteer myself. Some volunteers are so easy to catch especially if there’s a good offer comes with the job. Surely, there will be time when it becomes a hassle to find manpower sometimes. Honestly speaking, it depends on what their helps are needed for.

Volunteers are just like a biscuit. Sometimes they are there and sometimes they just disappeared. “puff!” That is why even volunteers need to be managed. Not that I practice autocratic or anything, but it’s just a way to make sure that their participation is consistent with the demand of help. Easier said than done. I failed numerous times and sacrifice my own time instead. and that’s when the true challenge of “volunteering” comes.

Definition of Voluntary: Of your own free will or design; done by choice; not forced or compelled

Simply said, volunteer is a person who performs the voluntary work. The key word is, Free Will. I’ve met so many people with this free will of helping out with whatever they can , whenever they could, and wherever they are needed. Sometimes, they came without even requested. They offer themselves at many unexpected point in my life. when i truly need someone and couldn’t even mouth the word “help”. I truly admire them from the bottom of my heart. I called these people “On The Spot Volunteer”.

The “One-off volunteer” is usually needed only for certain events. It may not take a long time. Probably just a day or two but it certainly requires commitments. This kind of volunteer is quite hard to get, normally due to time constraints and the degree of commitments required. But if I could gather these highly committed people, they are actually the best. They respond very well to instructions and cooperate very well with each other. On top of it, they will try to enjoy themselves on that particular events. (For this kind of volunteers, I think sometimes I violate my role in certain clubs and actually “kindly ask” people to help because they are usually the best people that I could rely on, because of the short time given to find volunteers)

“The long time volunteers” is usually needed to perform certain voluntary work for a long period of time. Any social work included (tutoring, caregiving, babysitting etc). These works are usually very attractive but again requires highly committed people because the works are mostly time consuming and requires regular visits. It needs dedications, passion and patience to cope with the challenges. Over time, there will be many people falling out from the “free will” and leaves. It depends on our heart. Perhaps our hearts are getting bored of the same routine of our services. But it could be that the services change our hearts and made us more attached to what we’re doing. It is how our hearts and minds decide whether what we’re doing is highly rewarding to ourselves or not.

To continue volunteering, or just quit?

To offer helps, or just sit down watching?

To become someone useful, or to be used?

To be a noble, or simply a babbler?

To enjoy life, or to give life?

Surely we cannot do everything, especially on our own. But isn’t it wonderful to do “something” at least?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just too many.

Oh my God.. there are just so many things I have in my mind today.

So many things to say
So many things to do
So little time I had
So much things I would've missed
If I don't "make" time

So where should I start?
should I write chronologically, or according to topic?
Should I be arranged or should I just rant?
I have so many ideas to be explained
so many voices to be heard
Yet seems like I ended up with much more questions.

What's a mystery should be unfolded
What's forgotten should be reminded
What's ignored should be exposed
What's honored should be respected
What's questioned should be answered
Rhetorically, at least

Okay.. now it turns out to be a poem although it wasn't my initial intention. Please pardon the grammatical errors. ;P Perhaps I'll write another thoughtful entry...I wish.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Def: Leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure

err.. i wonder if i really have holidays this winter. Yet, i reckon it's the best time of the year so far.

My friends from Auckland spent three or four of their awesome holidays in Wellington while I was struggling for exams. I regret that i couldn't do much with them but I'm also grateful that they were here when I finished my last excruciating paper of Calculus. It was a seriously hard paper for me that I expected none other than E. Yet the presence of my friends soothed my frustration a little bit as I spent every possible time left with them.

Shortly after, I went to Palmerston North a.k.a Palmey to organize Pertandingan Bahas Umno NZ- Chair of Malay Studies which was concurrently held during the Bersatu Games tournament. It was the second debate I organized, following the yesteryear succesful event. This year event was hard to be accomplished as well, but alhamdulillah the event went well in the end. Quite a number of spectators came and joined the fun. Although the final didn't attract as much as last year, i reckon quite a good number of people turns out that night. Some even rented a car to see the debate! Kudos to everyone who came to watch or work for the debate to happen!

Aside that, watching my friends playing for Bersatu Games was worth my precious time too. I feel satisfied this year because i could join the moment with them, be it good or bad. Last year, when everyone was busy with Bersatu I was away for some other activities. I tried to contribute by helping out during the dinner but it didn't pay off for the loss of Bersatu moments. So this year, it was satisfying enough for me to cheer for my friends although i didn't play along with them. And for the first time of my life, I really enjoy being mere supporter. It's because I envied people with skills and talents.. Usually it always turns out that i ended up managing the event because I just don't have the talent to be like them. But this year, yes and yes. I'm happy being a supporter. A lucky supporter who got the opportunity to dine at the VIP table during Bersatu closing dinner :P.

This winter also allows me to meet a lot of friends,new and old. What a refreshing visit!. Thanks heaps to Palmyans for the best experiences and hospitality offered. Thanks Lutfi, Hafezz, Hafiz,Afnan, Ed,Kak Sha, Kak Yusma, Ain, Zuria, Hana, Fairuz,... sape lagi yer... takut merajuk lak tak sebut name. hehe.

Back in Welly, Emma paid us a visit from UK. wow. i wish i could repay her visit someday. but hmm.. can't really tell when it'll come true or might just be another unaccomplished dream.. I'm happy to have her here and sadly, she has to leave very soon . . :(

Now, new term has begun.

I ended my 2 weeks holiday yesterday and marked the beginning of a fresh trimester 2 in my second year. Gosh.. it's a new chapter already and I'm not really done with the previous chapter.Nonetheless, i have to accept the change and new challenge that i might face this trimester.

This weekend, Mt Ruapehu is calling me for VicMuslim Ski trip event. Only Aisyah and me are the committee that will be on that trip. Hopefully everything would turns out well..

In short, I spent my holidays working out for my clubs and go wherever my clubs want to take me. Holiday ke tuh?? It is for me, at least.. :)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Apa Yang Kau Tunggu??

I went to hostel as early as 12 years old (biologically). i always consider myself one year younger because of my birth date :P. So I'd say I was pretty young then.

My parents especially my dad had trouble to release me on my own. I'm his youngest daughter. In the risk of being called a spoilt child (anak manja), i decided to go to school and live in a hostel.

It was an old school with old buildings. Regardless of the continuing maintenance upgrade, it was still, an old and the so-called haunted hostel. Tremendous disturbance occurred while i was there. But oh well, i don't want to reminisce every single thing here. There's only one occurrence that I myself confused to evaluate. I can't really tell, was it a disturbance or a sign.

There was one night that i skipped the night prep. I was a lazy bump back then. Breaking simple rules were so petty before my eyes. It was not just me, but also 2 other friends of mine, which i remember only one now. I called her Angah.

She was studying (the diligent yet naughty hostelier) and I was sleeping. I suddenly awoke because of my sleep paralysis. I was so accustomed to that peculiar sleep problems of mine that I tend to ignore it and tried to get back to sleep. However, when i was paralyzed, I heard a voice saying "Apa yang kau tunggu?" (What are you waiting for?). I was nervous and scared. The voice was so clear that I couldn't think of it as a hallucination. It was a man' s voice.
A voice without a body. Hmm...

I could see Angah studied in front of me without moving an inch. She didn't sense anything wrong, I suppose. So when I was able to move my musle and body I rose and tried to join Angah. I tried to study. I didn't tell her straight away because I didn't want to scare her. Few minutes after that, there were sounds of footsteps outside the dorm. It was our friend. Our night-prep was over. So we automatically rose and tried to act like we were also, just got back from the night prep. It was a successful act.

The next morning, I heard there was another disturbance occuring to our chef in Dewan Makan. He thought he was talking to someone beside him. But he soon realized that no one was there, but the smoke of the cigarette was still fresh in the air. . Hmm.. happened during the prep time.. when no students were allowed to walk around hostel or even DM. So who was the mystery smoker? only God knows whether it was a random naughty student or de facto another entity.

Nauzubillah. .

Up until now, I could still remember that voice and what he says. Sometimes i feel scared. but most of the time, I feel inspired. (weird? don't be). The words " Apa yang kau tunggu?" actually reminds me of how much time I have left to accomplish what I had to do. It also motivates me to grab and grasp some opportunities lied in front of me. Most importantly, it reminds me that I shall not wait for others to do something that I'm capable of doing.But as a human being, there were so many things that I've taken for granted in my life. I regret some of them, since there are certain things that you just cannot amend for the rest of your life.

My moral for today is.. when there's still chance and time.. WHY WAIT? . . why wait to be help ed while you're capable of lending your hands? why wait to get beaten in the eye but you could initiate peace? Why wait for others to do what you're suppose to while you hold the responsibility on your shoulder? why wait to be loved when you're not even trying to look for it? why wait for attention but you don't work for it? why wait for the stars while you can't even tell which is the cloud?

P/s.. gambar di atas hanya luahan kekesalan tak siap lagi assignment calculus. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

zipping my own thoughts

It's been awhile since i wrote something here.

Perhaps i'm too busy and simply can't be bothered of sharing my petty life here.

Why makes people suffer reading my whining thoughts anyway.

What's good in writing up if I don't have anything good to say at all.

Silence is the mother of wisdom. Agree?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crazy? Please reconsider.

I watched this video and was constantly reminded of a mentally sick elderly at Rumah Seri Kenangan, Seremban. I went there during my diploma program to do some social work.

The old folks were placed in three different area. A ward (for the sick), a normal house/hostel (for the healthy) and some sort of asylum (for the mentally sick elderly).

I paid a visit to the healthy folks regularly and organized various programs with them. but what touched my heart the most was when i visited the sick elders. To be honest, we weren't given too much chances to visit them but i suppose one or two visit taught me much valuable lesson, still.
Be it physically or mentally, it was a pain in the eye to see these respectable figures located in the social service care instead of their own child's.

On one fine day, my friends and I visited the mentally sick elderly. We were not allowed to enter their ward but just have a look from the outside and talk to them by the window. It was for the safety purposes also that there were just beds or they were just mattress without the bed. Some of these elderly were known to have the self-destructive behavior that have to be free of potentially harmful furniture.

Given in that poor condition, i saw an Indian nanny who were dancing happily at that time. She spotted us and went by the window to say hi. We hesitated to shake hands with her (too afraid to be forced into the house or harmed) but i did it anyway. Her hand was warm and she looked pretty happy to have us as visitors (about 4 people at that time). Then, she insisted to read my palm. I startled. Islam forbid us to seek people for fate reading at all times. Nonetheless, i reckon that was the only way that could make her happy. So i gave in. (plus, i don't have to believe her.She's a mental, right?)

She told me this :

"Awak.. jangan minum air sejuk. Tak elok utk awak punya badan." (Don't drink cold waters. It's not good for your body) ..

She read again and looked up to me:

Awak.. tak payah fikir pasal laki. Belaja tinggi tinggi dulu..baru fikir. Sekarang jangan. (Don't think about men. Study as high as possibble and think about it later. Not now.)

I was quite surprised when she told me not to drink cold waters. I'm asthmatic and was constantly reminded by my parents not to drink cold waters a lot. But I dare not to believe her. Another friend of mine had her palm read. The result was the same. Fuhh.. then she really couldn't be trusted (why should I anyway? ).

I went home and told my mum. She wasn't mad that I did the palm reading or anything. But she mentioned only one thing:

"Manala tau die ada kepakaran. Org gila pun ada betulnye kadang-kadang .." Who knows if she really understand what she's talking about. Even crazy people is correct sometimes.

Well.. crazy people are not crazy at all times, at least.. But still, it was a palm reading. I shouldn't hold on to it (There was nothing much to hold on to anyway). I did it just for fun and I took what she said as an advice. That's that.

What my mum wanted to tell was not to believe in palm reading or to believe every single person i encounter. She simply asked me to not understimate them. Even if we can't trust people wholefully, do not neglect every single word they say. Judge the word, nor the person.

Although words are bending
But eyes are much deceptive in lots of ways..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

meaning of names..

I stumbled upon these websites to find meaning of names just now.

I checked my family names and below are the results

Shamsuddin (Papa) : Sun of religion

Siti Shamsiyah (Mama) : Beautiful, Shining Star, One and only

Shamsul Kamal (Brother) :Sun of Perfection/completeness.

Salina Marhamah (Sister) : Moon of Forgiveness

Shamimi (Me) : My sweet, light fragrance

Hmm... seems like i'm the only one without the sun , star, or moon here..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Definition of JARGON : Specialized technical terminology characteristic of a particular subject

I'm hell trying to learn the jargon of website management right now. website, webpage, web-hosting, domain, google apps, server ..etc.. etc.

The story is .. Wellington UMNO Club has been put on hold due to some technical problems. and i'm trying to restore the site to its initial state. phew~ i really wish it'll turns out well and i'll learn more of the website management in the end.

and there's more ..

a lot more issues arose for the Vicmuslim BBQ event.. again. i hope everything would turns out well and i'd be extremely full (of food) by the end of the event.

and my math course - only God knows how LOST I am. i'm finding my track and keep loosing it somehow. oww.. i just can't believe that my ultimate priority become like this.. i need to work harder.

and there goes the fever, which knocked me 2 days out of my sense and sensibility.

kisah komputer rosak 2 weeks ago tak payah ceritalah. buat koleksi kisah malang mac 2009 jek.

to all who read this.. this is not a complaint. merely a thought of what's in my head right now.

unsettled .. damn unsettled.. Busy? That's what my life is all about. I'm definitely a busy bee..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

anthropology and mathematics, probably?

yes, i'm taking those for this trimester.

anth is just my elective subject but it is always a course that i find interesting. ever since i were young, i've been attracted to cultures and society. tradition, culture and religion always intermingles with each other. whenever something bad happens, often people would blame one of those - any reason that suits their way of thinking i suppose. it's actually important to draw the lines between those and yeah, i guess i'll take this opportunity to study it at uni.

on the other hands, math is always my top priority and i will definitely go insane because of it. i wouldn't mind (or that's what i thought??,). and i also hope that my choice is correct to take probability this trimester, probably (??)

Friday, February 27, 2009

snippets of the day.

Love >> another entry

Loving is a good thing. Love is a wonderful feelings. That's what I believe, at least. The complexity lies in the relationship and the commitment from both parties. But not from the feelings.

Love is like a Tree. It has branches that channels our loves into separate branches. The amount may not be same for every branch but the essence is there. The roots of feelings grow every minute and do not wither until the time comes (menolak kemungkinan hadirnya pembalak haram). Therefore, i believe that if we love someone, we should forever love them but never forget to let ourselves grow another branch when the opportunity comes. The feelings may come and go but yet, be it love. Do not meddle anger or gloomy feelings into the stems of love that is gracefully given by God.

in a simpler word: if you love anyone and it didn't work out, do not hate the person. but love the person and pray for his/happiness. At the meantime, just pray that you will find someone you love more than that person.


Effort is the cornerstones of every actions. Be it physically or mentally, effort must be put into these activity that later project the outcomes. But what people usually looks are the outcomes over the efforts. The quality of the outcomes become the subject of analysis, regardless how much time the doers spent time with it. Quality over quantity, say some.

True. it's right to say that we must prioritize the quality of the products (outcomes) rather than the efforts poured into it. Nevertheless, it is probably better as well if we could look back at the efforts.So then we could learn to appreciate some more. Rather than criticizing/ignoring every single things in front of us.

See, looking back isn't a bad thing at all.and sometimes it is necessary.

thank you for reading.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Doctor Vs Pupil

This is not a career talk. Definitely not.
This is just something that i feel i want to share with you out there. and it is about my observation to the subjective thing called L>O>V>E. A bf-gf relationship, that is.

I never had any experience in love, that is to say i've never had a boyfriend. So who am I to talk about this thing? Well, as subjective as it is Love is always something that mingled around my life. I feel the warmth of love from my parents, friends and absolutely God. He created me with such a brain that could think and rationalize what's before my eyes and what i experiences through all my senses. So here it goes...

It has been years since I've gain trust from my friends and families regarding this matter. Some of my close friends opened up to me about their relationships. Even someone in my own family trusted me with his lovelife happenings. But I do not have any obligation to disclose their private matter here.

My father reminded me that everything that happens are upon Allah's will. Be it good or bad. We need to cherish them or accept that as a challenge. Meeting people or breaking up with them is also upon Allah's will. We seriously need to accept it and face our destiny ahead. Detach with them if we must or maintain a good relationship with them, if we could. There is no need to investigate through the ex private matters and ruin their relationship. because no matter how obsess we are with them, they might just go away forever. Even worse, if we're already with them(non-ex.still in a relationship) this private detective behavior could be something that just push us away from them. Trust them if we want, walk away if we have to and do not pull the others into the picture.

On the other hand, getting to know people is surely interesting. Especially when we get close to someone that we have a "thing" with. But does that "thing" really turns out the way we want it to be is what matters the most. As the relationship evolves, so does the feeling. If we get what we want in the relationship, it's great. But if we're still not there or it's actually never there perhaps we should take a step.

Take a step behind - to assess what we have and reevaluate our feelings. It is also a chance for the other person stop and look back and see what he/she overlooked.

Take a step ahead - for us to discover our inner potential. To move on with our life without messing up our life with love. If it's actually there, it will reach us no matter how high we are. If we're lucky He/she will chase us. or else, there is something more for us out there.

I'm not a doctor Love, although i've listened and watched tremendous love affairs. And i'm merely a pupil of Love who wish to learn from the experiences of others. I'm just......MIMI lah!

#Artikel ini ada kaitan dengan yang hidup bukan yang mati. Ampun dipinta jika terguris rasa kerana sesungguhnya, saya sudah berusaha men"generalize" kan segala maklumat utk tatapan dan manfaat pembaca. Salam.

Friday, January 9, 2009


i was trying to change the template of this blog. apparently there's some problem with the settings and as you can see, there annoying UNDEFINE UNDEFINE thingy right before the title of my post. grr...

and yes, i've lost all my previous settings. My reading list, my bloggers list my mixpod songs. everything. haish.

i don't know if i'm stupid or what but yes, i'm definitely annoyed of the complexity of this thing!.

hesssyyy..takleh ke kasi senang2 sket...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bye bye 2008 !!

Just what are 2008 and 2009? just numbers. an even and odd numbers, that is.

Ah well. there's no need to beat around the bush. Looking at the numbers themselves would definitely reminds us of the year we've just passed and the year that we're in.

2008 is certainly an even number.
Definition: An even number is an integer which is a multiple of two. If it is divided by two the result is another whole number. Source: Wikipedia
So as the definition goes.. 2008 is divisible by 2. Ups and downs for me, at least.

I have no intention of reminiscing the downs here. Just the good ones ok. So here's the list:

end spring - Summer (November 2007 - February 2008)
  • Arrive in Wellington
  • Botanic garden visit
  • Rugby touch at Frank Kitts Park & Kelburn Park
  • Failed attempt to learn roller-blading
  • Chocolate fish at Karaka bay
  • Vic Uni Graduation
  • LA Galaxy Vs Wellington Phoenix - Beckham played!
  • New year countdown at Civic Square
  • Singstar for the first time at Najah's
  • Find cockle at Oriental bay
  • b'day parties - hell much!
  • dressmart + queensgate on Waitangi
  • Hurricane Vs Reds
Autumn (March - May 2008)
  • Cocktail party with Menteri Pengajian Tinggi at Istana Malaysia
  • Morning tea with KMS seniors
  • Go Kart at Kaiwharawhara
  • Hurricanes Vs Crusaders
  • Asian Food Festival
  • Wellington Model United Nations
  • Play pool at Hotel Bristol
  • Road trip to Rotorua and Auckland! (memorable, indeed)
  • Papa fell ill. i went back to Malaysia and watched him recovers :)
  • got elected as secretary for WUC
Winter (June - August 2008)
  • Exams
  • Hi-tea at Mckenzies
  • Bersatu Games
  • New Zealand Model United Nations
  • Umno Debate
  • Umno Rugby League
  • Palmerston North One Day trip
  • Amazing Welly race
  • Elemental Strike Percussion show
  • Asean Night Market
Spring (September - November 2008)
  • Ramadhan Iftaars - Mckie, msvuw, evertons, manners
  • Sakura Festival at Palmey
  • Wellington Zoo visit
  • Aidilfitri open houses - including Parliament, Marae, WUC & Mckenzies Open house
  • NFFC Farewell Party (Emo)
  • Raja Nazrin's talk
  • Exams
  • Work at kiwiholidays
  • Picnic at Waitangi Park
  • Pizza Night
  • The Dark Night at Sirocco
  • Short visit to Breaker's Bay
  • Farewell to Cohort 3 (is that a good thing? :(( )
  • Ed's visit
  • Summer school commenced
Summer (December 2008)
  • My birthday
  • Christmas dinner at James Cook
  • Christmas celebration at Sandra's, Karori
  • A week visit to Auckland
  • Boxing day
  • New year eve
So that's that. All the bad events have been removed from my memories.ahha! (i wish)
and why am i listing this all down? no great reasons. just for fun. read if u like. close the page if u don't.

i love 2008. and i'll surely miss it.
It's 2009 now and i'm going to make sure that i'll have a blast and blessed year ahead.