Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ontogenesis II ~ Black Jack !!

I'm 21 and I'm single.yeah. older?? maturer? or riper? *wink wink*.

whatever it is. i'm glad that i could reach this age. A close friend of mine wished "happy birthday.bermakna ajal ko makin hampir". takde tapis punye wish. no sweet2 words. honest abes. haha.

For all my friends. thanks heaps for the wishes. Be it in facebook, friendster, emails, Ym and any other communications we had. i kindly appreciate them.

Today I made an attempt to bake a chocolate cake. Sadly, I failed. isk isk.
Including this incidence, it had been twice that I failed to make something during by birthday. Last year, I failed to make Agar2. bende senang je. selalu buat jadi. bila hari jadi, semua benda tak menjadi. haih ~

Many thanks to Yusman& Chouji, for the birthday muffins last night. also, the 222A the terrace residents (Mamat, Yusman,Najmi), for their hospitality and the reward is..... my spoilt cake. LOL.

2008 b'day cake.baked by me.looks nice.. but only God knows how it tastes. Tepong habes. LOL
2007 b'day cake. baked by kak ummi. looks damn simple but yummy hell. A banana cake. :)