Sunday, September 21, 2008

When Sakura Blooms

When Sakura blooms, she blooms beautifully. That's all I can say while watching the very adorable creation of God, Sakura yesterday.

I went there with my friends by using cars (Note that, its plural. Because I went to Palmey and then back to Welly by using different cars. :) ). Thanks to them who were willing to let me join this fantastic trip to Palmerston North. While in the car, we could see along the way to Palmey the Sakura blooms by the roadside. And we couldn't help but wonder; why there are here?? what is so special about Sakura? how many types are there? and lots more questions answered by a considerable amount of assumptions. So here's a bit of Sakura facts that I cited from Wikipedia:
Sakura, or Cherry Blossom is an omen of good fortune and is also an emblem of love, affection and represents spring. Cherry blossoms are an enduring metaphor for the fleeting nature of life, and as such are frequently depicted in art.Whereas in China the cherry blossom symbolizes feminine beauty, the feminine principle, or love in the language of herbs, in Japan the cherry blossoms are believed to exemplify the transient nature of life, because of their short blooming times. Cherry blossoms also symbolize clouds due to their nature of blooming en masse, besides being an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life.The transience of the blossoms, the extreme beauty and quick death, has often been associated with mortality.
There are varieties of Sakura. Here is another few facts about that:
The most popular variety of sakura in Japan is the Somei Yoshino. Its flowers are nearly pure white, tinged with the palest pink, especially near the stem. They bloom and usually fall within a week, before the leaves come out. Therefore, the trees look nearly white from top to bottom. Other categories include yamazakura, yaezakura, and shidarezakura. The yaezakura have large flowers, thick with rich pink petals. The shidarezakura, or weeping cherry, has branches that fall like those of a weeping willow, bearing cascades of pink flowers.
I saw the pink and white Sakura but the pink ones bloom across the vast of places.I'm not sure which Sakura that is here in New Zealand.

I had an awesome day this time! Big time, indeed. Thanks again, everyone.

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