Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Now it's the time of the year when Muslims throughout the world fasting and doubled or tripled their religious routines..

As for me, it's my first time spending Ramadhan abroad without my family. There are pro's and con's that I managed to think of so far.

  1. Strengthen my relationship with fellow Muslims here (eg: Got to Sahur, Break fast and prayTarawikh with my friends)
  2. Nice weather. (Unlike the hot and humid Malaysia, I find it more convenient and bearable to fast in New Zealand. It's spring season now, which makes the weather pretty cold yet better compared to winter season).
  1. No sahur or berbuka meals already prepared on table.
  2. No Bazaar Ramadhan.
  3. No Azan (which makes me tentatively looking at the prayer timetable published by FIANZ - Federation Islamic Association of New Zealand).
  4. No special TV drama for Ramadhan month. eg: Diari Ramadhan Rafique
  5. No family to celebrate with.
It seems like Malaysia served the month best..


But most importantly, we do know what we have to do no matter where we are.

Notes: Fasting/Saum literally means "inhibit" which means inhibiting oneself from hunger and thirst but most importantly is inhibiting oneself from committing all kind of sins. And that reveals the true purpose of fasting.

With that simple notes, I ended my post with a greeting:

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan and Happy fasting !! May Allah bless us. Insya Allah.. :)

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