Friday, September 5, 2008

Gratitude II and Sorry

Today I received news that three of my friends lost their one of the closest person in life.

The first one is Hanafiah Md Yunos (Tesl) who lost his mother on 3rd Sept at around 8pm(Malaysia time). His mother suffered from cardiac problems for quite awhile until recently admitted to a hospital and was discharged last week. However, I'm not sure what went wrong but last night she went away forever.

Another person is Ain Fatihah (Architecture) who lost her grandfather 7 hours ago. Her grandfather died of a sudden asthma attack today. Earlier, he refused to break his fast for his medicine. Kuat betul semangat beliau..

The third person is Fay (Chemistry) who lost her friend due to skin disease. I'm not sure of the details but he/she was quite close with Fay.

Al fatihah..

I may not know exactly how to lose a mother like Na but I may understand the feeling of losing persons that I love. Once, while I was in form five I lost my Godfather(bapa angkat) that I lost contact with for about 5-7 years. The next time I met him was at the CCU (Critical Care Unit) at HKL while he was in a seriously critical condition. Later, while I was back in hostel I received news that he passed away. I was really depressed that I wasn't able to greet him properly after so long and couldn't ask for forgiveness at his very last minute.

About a year before I lose a friend. He was my classmates in form three. Back then, he was diagnosed for thyroid disease and later blood cancer. He missed class for almost a year but he managed to sit for PMR. I went to visit him at HUKM and later when he regained his strength he came to beraya at my house at the end of that year. After a few month I transferred into MRSM he called me with a loud and clear voice. He told me that his health was getting better and so, I encouraged him to continue study and try his best for SPM. Little did I know was, he was actually in Putrajaya Hospital (not Pluto planet like he told me) and I received the news about his death a week late. I was extremely shocked by then.

He was definitely a good friend for me. I was touched for what he did and seriously sorry for what he went through at such a young age (16 years old).

Just now, I chatted with my parents through YM and cried silently as I couldn't imagine my life without them. I nearly lost my father once, but I was never ready for it. Thank God that I could live my life the way I am now with the people that I love. Alhamdulillah..


nurul_a said...

hmmm here, jus heard bout dianne's cousin who had just died cause of skin disease - d disease is very2 rare, said by d doc. 1 dalam sejuta. can u imagine? sumtin like her (yes a girl, 20yrs old) skin reput..n bcoz of dat, her bulu mate n rambut kulit kepale tak ade...sedih kan.....(n byk lg psl her skin n x kan nak tulis ume sini kan..) baru kene bulan 7 aritu..bygkan ni baru awal bulan 9..meninggal ms Ramadhan..wud i cud observe:
1. kuasa Allah - disease mcm2 skrg. n i just saw tree man video. oh Tuhan...
2. kuasa Tuhan - mati skrg esp tak mengenal umur n siape2 my sis contohnye..hmmm. n mati tu mcm dah perkare biase..balik haritu my neighbour - emak of 2 anak kecik meninggal coz of sumtin wrong in her neuron..lagik laa kejap ade nyawe kjap x, coz ms tuh pakai mesin tu..kjap ade kjap x..bygkan family dye ms tu..n her little children n suami.. 1 lagik, 22 years old boy, barah otak(anak my mom's fren)...mase nak siap2kan myt bersihkan still darah mengalir kat kepale dye.. my dad's fren meninggal atas pangkuan my fren..
i cud feel dat..n yaa i had felt d moves on. we dunno d hikmah, God knows the best. n..wut i cud say is, on top of all, really really really sangat2 nampaknye KUASA TUHAN.

mimiqt said...

thanks chikorn.. yeah..kuasa Tuhan. Dia yang lebih berkehendakkan mereka. Moga-moga roh mereka dicucuri rahmat Allah sentiasa..