Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka Night

Tonight I went to a Merdeka celebration event hosted by NZMS (New Zealand Malaysian Society) and assisted by Wellington UMNO Club. Ah well, we do not really assist that much but I'm glad to help with anything I could. Btw, I just assist a bit with the hall set-up and children games.

The event was a simple , yet entertaining. What impressed me the most was that it also attracted non- Malaysians to participate. Singaporean, for example actively involved with the dances and the event coordination. Even one of the MC was a Singaporean (The other MC is my friend, Che' Nazira). They were also families from Somalia, Philippines and the local New Zealanders.

I also saw many of Malysians' Indians and Chinese tonight (not just vast Malays like the normal Malaysian event I've seen) .It showed just how diverse our communities are and yet, Merdeka is a celebration for all regardless of our race and political drama back in Malaysia. We mingled very well with the locals but nevertheless, we'd never forget our root and we cherish what we have up until now.

Besides that, I met so many people today and I made connections with some. Heheh. It's good to know people whose not in your circle. My circle is of course, mainly consists of students and few working people. But today, I met warm and welcoming Malaysians families that reminded me so much of my own. One of many that I found was Mrs Sandra with her daughters, Katijah (some called her Kathrin) and Audrey. They were very friendly and kind enough to help with the preparations. Towards the end Zati, I and the kids danced (free-style of course, one of the routine was a cuci baju :P..I'm not good with gigs, for sure) to our hearts content. It was astonishingly fun. Audrey said that I'm her best friend. How sweet. :) ..And Mrs Sandra promised us to make Nasi Lemak when we come to visit them later. Nasib baik minggu depan puasa, kalau tak mesti dah set date terus. Lol.

Looking at how the event was pulled, I could say that I'm proud to be a Malaysian and I'm really happy to be apart of the event.

I had so much fun tonight. And now I'm looking forwards to the Malaysian Night tomorrow. I hope it'll be a good reformed memories of my mid-term break since I didn't make many interestingly significant activities this time.

Anyway, Happy Independence Day peeps!




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