Friday, August 22, 2008


This is my first holiday ever that i could spent tons of hours confining myself in my petty room. Haha. What have i done??? nothing great. watching movies..internet of course, blissfully sleep. :)

With both of my housemates went to South Island for holiday, and my some other friends traveled or do something big and significant in their own life, I've found myself calm and serenity by shutting myself from the outside world. Well, i also got bored sometimes and that's when i'll go out and meet people. I totally have no plan for this holiday. I keep thinking of what i'm going to do next, what am i going to eat and i'll just let myself go with flow. but before I realized I'm already at the edge of my first week of break.

At this point, I have 3 assignments in my mind, and 1 big Stat project assignments to be completed plus 1 Calculus test needs to be sat. doesn't sound like a holiday anymore! So, I'd better move fast or I'll be in trouble. (or perhaps, I'm in trouble already)

"Procrastination is the thief of time". True and always be the Absolute Truth.

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