Sunday, June 15, 2008

Simply Me

Kia Ora

My father named me Shamimi Shamsuddin. i was born and raised in a place called Klang, Selangor. I'm a true Malaysian although my roots imply me as Minang or Javanese which are simply Indonesian. However, since i'm the post independence child, i values myself as a Malay truthfully.Currently I'm studying at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand as an undergraduate student. My aim as of now is to get BSc Mathematics(Hons) by the end of my course...

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Shariful Fadzli said...

salam, waaaahhhh, mimi dah ada blog...bagus2....thnkz linked blog aku...aku pon dah linke ngan ko...actually aku ada blog gi r masuk blog lama aku, baca latest entry...cya!!! xam xabes lagi nih...hehehe