Sunday, July 14, 2013


Jauh. Kian jauh.
Mana perginya cerita?
Mana indahnya bahasa?
Puitis lagi kritis

Benarlah kata ilmuwan
Bakat boleh diasah
Jua bisa punah
Bila ilmu dilupakan. Disisihkan.

Nota: Tulisan ini mengambil masa untuk disudahkan kerana penulis asyik memadam, menyusun dan mencari perkataan yang hilang dari perbendaharaan kata penulis sendiri.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Hate Mysteries

Mysteries are intriguing , undeniable interesting. 
But there are times that I hate mysteries.
I hate to have questions unanswered, the way I want it.
I hate the way it left me speechless, when I was questioned about it. 

I hate that the mystery changed me.
I hate to be left alone, scaring my life to death of the uncertain future.
I hate the way it changed the person close to me.
I hate the way it breaks my loved one. It certainly breaks mine too. 

This is a test.  

Do the people think that they will be left to say, "We believe" and they will not be tried? [29:2]

Friday, February 1, 2013

Teaching Thinking

"I'm not here to tell you whether your answer is right or wrong. I'm here to make sure you apply the thinking tools correctly in the process"

A teacher's obligation is to teach in order to educate but my lesson was to teach them ways to think, not  to impose my thoughts onto them. They need guidance, yes but we need to be open of their ideas. Gradually, with the right tools, they'll be exposed to more than enough information needed to make a conclusion on their own.  In time, it will get better. That, is education to me.

"We can talk about our experiences and our lives all we want but that won't persuade others to see why they would want to experience and live and see things the way we do. " - RZ

I  have quite a few circumstances like this:

" Should I submit the homework to you, miss? "
" You submit them, I will mark"
" So should I submit them, miss?"
"It's up to you. If you submit them, I will mark"

Where goes the thinking part? These kids need to be taught self-control, and independent way of thinking.  What "cream of the creams" are we producing if these creams are just soft, light, and high in calories but has no nutrition whatsoever? Forever be under instruction and construction of other people.  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Story of Inheritance

A short animated video explaining how we look like our parents, or our grandparents.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Call called Home

Home is where the heart is. I believe that, although I have slightly different ideas of where my Home is. Home is not necessarily my house in my hometown. Home is a pleasant feeling I have towards certain people in my life that made me feel so important and alive. It's a place in certain someone's heart where I can simply be myself - where I can express my ideas freely, laugh freely, and love truly - without fear of being judged.  Not that they don't judge, but they accept me for whoever I am.

Just like any home, we could have a condo or bungalow or a cottage which offers certain luxury and limitation. It'll depend on how close and comfortable I am to them. Only I know what kind of home they made me feel but as long as it is home, it always means something to me. Even a call, could make me feel like "home" .


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Give the respect, when the respect is due

There are certain people that you respect. Mainly because of their views, their ideas and their shared humanity values with you. They might disagree with you on one thing, but you could heed to their words on the rest. In other words, you still respect them for what they're worth. You're still inspired by whatever they are doing and you could disregard the fact that you disagree with some of their worldviews.
But there are also certain people who you look so high, and they seem so close to you but in the end, they are strangers to you. They simply don't get that they mean so much and their words weigh as much. And so they have different worldviews with you in a way that it actually relate to you. But this time, you're badly hurt. Hurt because the person you looked so high looked down on you or even worst, totally ignored the worthy of your words.. They disagree without any sensitivity and they hold to their views by violating the respect and hope that you have expressed for them. You stopped talking to them.  With all subtlety, you actually lose these people completely. In the end, the closest person to you causes the deepest wound you've ever known. Respect might still exists but the wound is too deep. You're not being judgmental. You're simply.. Hurt.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Work Vs Volunteering

Why call it a work, if you're so willingly do it?
Why call it a work, if you're not paid well
Volunteer and what you got will always be more

Why call it volunteer, if you sigh about "no payment"
All of us need rewards 
Not much into our pocket, but we need something in our heart.

The reality is harsh.
Money is still a necessity.

But let the money be our supplement
not our complement

P/s: That said, I can never work for money but when I start thinking about money, that job usually doesn't fill me well. I'm being extra idealistic today.